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Validation of Acquired Experience

Validation of the acquired experience allows any person, regardless of age, nationality, status and level of training, who has at least three years of experience directly related to the certification, can claim to VAE. This certification which can be a diploma, or a certificate of qualification.

Who can be interested?

All workers, technicians, employees, executives who wish to retrain, by choice or by obligation and are eager to value through a diploma of higher education the experience they have accumulated. All those who wish to have an additional asset for their job search.

How is a VAE going?

After having chosen a formation and a High School, the candidate determines with the adviser the level of studies to which he can claim, according to the experience which he can value.

He must then write a VAE file in which he presents his experience, gathering evidence. It remains to file his file taking into account the deadlines of the High School he has chosen.

A VAE jury is formed. He will give an opinion based on the file and possibly specific tests or an interview. The decision is made by the authorities of the Haute Ecole. The candidate will then benefit from exemptions or the right to access the second cycle or a specific program (reserved for candidates who can attest to skills close to those of a graduate).


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